Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thai Curry & Tendinitis

My mother left a message on my voicemail. She is (once again) insisting that any set list I put together include Me & Bobby McGee. I swear she'll have me singing that at her funeral. 

However, she is usually dead on with critiquing either my performance or my song choices. So in it goes.

I am icing my left arm as my intensive practice schedule is threatening me with a wicked case of tendinitis. I've been told that this is not abnormal and to basically suck it up (of course alternating with heat & ice).

Since it's been a while since I've performed, I think I'll need to find a random venue where I can get a feel of what's in store; maybe have some people over and give a small in-home concert. The new part of the equation is that I've never accompanied myself on guitar - even when I did so on the keyboards, I was never quite comfortable solo; I've always felt at home with a band. If my karma keeps going as well as it has, I'm sure musicians will be dropping into my life very soon.

I dropped off my Ovation at a luthier today. Good news - an inexpensive modification to the nut & saddle should enable me to get more time on her. She should be ready in the next day or two. Another serendipitous meeting.

Made some amazing Thai curry vegetables for dinner; trying to keep my food relatively simple, which works best for performing.

Yes, Virginia, there is life after love - hopefully there will be love after love, too~

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  1. I believe the Alley Cantina has open mic nights. That may be a good place to practice.