Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meatout 2011

The first Taos Meetout Event was small but reached many people. it was held Saturday, March 19th at Cid's Food Market:

Thank you to our sponsors: Turtle Island Foods (Tofurky products), Follow Your Heart (Vegenaise), and We served Tofurky deli slices (black pepper flavor), Tofurky sausages, and had a beautiful potato salad made with Vegenaise. To wash it all down, chocolate Almond Breeze almond milk. BTW, the potato salad recipe is from the Peta Vegetarian Starter kit and is the best one I've come across~

We served approximately 200 people and gave literature out to about 150.

Spreading the word:

The reception we received was wonderful; many people were thanking us for getting the word out and were pleasantly surprised at the tasteful meat alternatives.

Even though there was a glitch with our media support (we got our press release in to the local paper by deadline, but it did not run), thanks to the great foot traffic, it was still a party!

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